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Zukasa 1 year ago
Ann makes a good point. Is it possible she is introverted and you're more extroverted? Maybe you can give her a pass to skip some of these parties? Sometimes my husband has people over and I come out, say hello, make polite small talk for a few minutes and excuse myself. I enjoy spending time with friends but too much socialization exhausts me. I had a fun weekend but I'm barely holding it together now.
Tegrel 1 year ago
Hi Amber your beautiful and I love your big ass please accept my friend request
Kikinos 1 year ago
Is she banging iDubbbz?
Shakar 1 year ago
3 comments is sad for a girl this fine/sexy. Pick it up people. Girls for real.
Kikree 1 year ago
Would you play with my hard cock ❤❤❤

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